Thursday, February 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!! What, am I late or something?

Okay, so I realize this is just a TAD bit late, but what the heck? I just wanted to share a little of our Merry Mexican Christmas (or should I say, Feliz Navidad) with everyone! We spent this Christmas in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with most of Michael's family. It was interesting, to say the least. I definitely saw some things that you won't see during Christmas in the US. But, nonetheless, a great trip! We did our family Christmases before we left, so Drew still had a traditional family Christmas... just sooner.

Anyway, here are a few pics from our trip. I have to admit I was a terrible photographer during our trip, and neglected to get several necessary photos. You know, like one of Drew on the beach, or one of the whole family, or one of at least the three of us on Christmas Day for goodness sake! So, sorry to disappoint, but you won't find any of those photos in this post (or even my camera card)! Oh well... better luck next time!
Here they are... in no particular order...
Drew eating some seafood spaghetti... YUMMY!

Peek-a-boo, where's Drew?

There he is!

Ah, our sunset view at our favorite dinner restaraunt

This was the canyon we went zip-lining through. What a blast!!!

A guy came around to the tables during dinner one night making balloon hats for everyone. Here is Drew in Michael's hat.

Our family in our cute little hats.

Gigi, Poppy, and Kai in their hats.

Ah, the view from our room.

Kai playing with her "Peanut"

Our last night at dinner. Drew doesn't look very happy!

On our whale-watching tour. Yep, those are real live whales!

This is what Drew was doing during the whale tour.

Then, he woke up!

We definitely had a great time on our trip! This year we're switching it up and heading for the snow-capped mountains to spend Christmas in Colorado! Woohoo!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

World's Worst Blogger Award Goes To...


Okay, so I've campaigned tirelessly (and effortlessly, might I add) and I've won! Haha!

But after my recent extended vacation from blogging, I would just like to say... I'M BAAAAAACK!

I have so much to talk about, but I usually don't have a lot of time. I guess that's why I haven't blogged in so long. My days are spent playing with & chasing Drew around, cleaning, cooking, and more recently browsing the internet for decorating ideas. When I do have down time I like to spend it catching up on my DVR'd shows and stalking people on their blogs or facebook!

I will get everyone up to speed on our happenings, but that will have to come later- probably in blogging blitzes!

For now, I will leave you with a few of our latest photos. Have a great day!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Show Us Your Life and Happy Birthday Drew!

So, once again, a lot has happened since my last post... seriously, I mean a lot!  First of all, I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my beautiful baby boy, Andrew Michael Berkshire.  Today is his 1 year birthday!  I still can't believe that he is already a year old, and I'm not really sure where all of this time has gone.  He is such an amazing little boy, and I'm sure he will grow up way too fast and become an amazing man!  Here's to you, Drew!

Second, I have decided to become a part-time SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).  So far, I am loving my new job (especially my new boss) and have no regrets.  I am still working about every other weekend at NIGHT at the Heart.  My first weekend of working nights went pretty well, too.  I am still trying to get used to a new routine, though.  Not, that I don't enjoy sleeping past 5:30 am... because believe me, I DO!  But, for the past 8 months we have had Drew on a really confusing schedule.  Three days a week he would wake up at 6 am and get dropped of at day care at 6:30.  The other four days a week he would sleep as late as he wanted, and get to spend all day with Mommy.  Due to the lack of consistency, we are struggling to get him on a "schedule".  Now, I don't mean that I want him to wake up at 7 am on the dot every morning and have a bottle at 7:15 or anything like that.  But, it has been a little difficult to get him into some sort of routine.  I'm not sure what they really fed him at day care- I know he had formula and cereal, but they were really sketchy on what they told us.  Drew got a "report card" every day, but I'm not so sure that some chick didn't come in and write a bunch of random stuff down on it before he went home.  Yeah, really sketchy.  So, now Drew is sitting in his high chair for breakfast and lunch (and dinner most of the time).  We have play time, TV time, cleaning time, and of course NAP time every day.  We go outside and play with Molly and Buddy; we go for walks up and down the street; we play with Carter, our next door neighbor; and we also go shopping!  Most nights, we cook dinner for Daddy, and then we're both worn out!  Its definitely a crazy life, but I am loving every minute of it!  

Third, Michael and I just got back from VACATION in Destin, Florida!  Woohoo!  It was a much needed vacation, and we had so much fun!  Unfortunately Drew did not get to go, but he will next year!  We went with our friends Jason and Allyson Bourg.  Jason's sister, Katie, drove down from Baton Rouge to hang out with us too.  We all had a blast, but got a lot of R&R too!  I'll post pics in a few days.

To start of my picture section of this post, I wanted to put a few up of Drew's official BIRTHDAY!  

Me, Drew, and his cousin Kai Lynn.  Kai Lynn loves her "Peanut".

Our little family and Drew's Godparents, Buckley and Kim Blew

Our very first family photo!

Now I have decided to participate in Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" posts.  I have looked at these every Friday for the past few months, but with my previous work schedule, I never had time to post anything of my own.  Hopefully, my new boss will give me a little extra time on Fridays now, so that I can participate too!  Today's topic was Baby Showers.  I was blessed enough to have 4, yes, FOUR of them!   I have so many wonderful friends and such a great family that did this for me!  My first shower was my work shower at Arkansas Heart Hospital.  My friends Melanie, Amanda, and Stephanie hosted this for me- they did such a wonderful job and we all enjoyed the cake and punch!  My second shower was in Mountain Home.  My mom and her friends Betty Lumbert and Roz Blagg (and Jimmy) hosted this.  Roz made this amazing punch with the neatest decoration- frozen fruit in a mold.  Her husband, Jimmy, carved a watermelon baby carriage and Roz put a melon salad in it!  It was to die for!  I have pictures of all this somewhere, but apparently not on my computer!  My third shower was in Fayetteville, hosted by my best friend Kim Blew.  She did an amazing job and even made a diaper cake- I have a picture of this- so cute!  We had Mimosas (well, everyone else did) and petit fours from Chucks Bakery... yum.  My last shower was a Little Rock/Benton shower that my mother-in-law hosted at her house.  All of my Little Rock friends came, as well as Michael's family (at least all of the women).  It was so much fun, and I apparently have lost pictures of that one as well. 

But, here are some of the pics!

Kelsey, Baby Paxtin, and Kelsey's mom drove all the 
way from Russellville for my Fayetteville shower!

Some of the girls at my Fayetteville shower

This is me in shock... I just got my gift from Drew's Godparents-
a Peg Perego car seat and stroller!  Love love love it!

This is the super cute diaper cake that Kim made!

Roz and Betty blowing up balloons for my MH shower!

Showing off Drew's cute new blanket at my work shower

Cake from my work shower- how cute?!?!
(and it came from Sam's)

Tomorrow we are having Drew's birthday party.  I will post pics from that very soon!  

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Long Time, No Blog!

Okay, okay... So its been, well, a VERY long time since my last post!  I must start off with an apology to all of my loyal followers... So Mom, I'm sorry.  :)

Things have definitely been busy at the Berkshire household lately.  For one, Drew is now WALKING!!!  Crazy, I know!  That is exactly how I've been feeling lately!  Keeping up with him is proving to be a very difficult task!  He is all over the place!  We've been trying to keep doors closed and cabinets shut, but we're only two people.  Therefore, I must say there have been some tragedies along the way.  A few weeks ago I was talking on the phone in the kitchen with Drew playing in "his" drawer.  I turned my back for just a second and I heard a loud crash!  For some stupid reason, I had a glass handle-jug of premixed margaritas in a bottom cabinet... Drew grabbed the handle and it came crashing down!  He was sitting in a gi-normous puddle of margaritas sucking on his margarita-soaked fingers with a huge smile across his face!  Lord, have mercy on us... please?  We know not what we do.  Needless to say, there are no more bottles in bottom row cabinets any longer!  

Anywho, here is just a taste of what we've been up to lately.  We've been so busy the last few months!  And it looks like things won't be slowing down any time soon... its going to be a busy summer!

This is Drew playing the piano at Mimi's house!

My little Beethoven, so cute!

Where else would they let you WALK ON THE TABLE???
Only at Mimi's house!

Drew about to get a bite of Mimi's chicken & dumplings


My, how things have changed since the last time Sarah
and I got together!  Let's just say we were holding something
other than a child in our hands the last time...

Our waiter decided to give Drew a package of Oreos-
what a WONDERFUL idea that turned out to be!

He managed to get them everywhere!

Even between his toes!!!!

Drew LOVES ice cream, too!  Notice the tear on his 
cheek- I (stupidly) tried to remove the Fudgesicle
for half a second in order to get a bib on him... not a 
smart thing to do.  He was very mad at me when I 
snapped this shot!

Drew and Elise playing with the toys.  Notice the yellow
band-aid on his hand.  That was to cover an injury sustained 
during previously-mentioned margarita accident.  Yes, Mother 
of The Year award goes to ME!

Elise is such a cutie-pie!

Drew wasn't sure what to think of a pretty girl being
at his house!

This is Drew sitting in his cousin Kai's TV chair- yes, it is pink.

Aw, my two favorite guys lounging in the pool

Going for a walk at the Rivermarket

Isn't that the cutest little bum you've ever seen??!!

Our little stowaway

Drew "helping" Mommy with the dishes

If he's in the tub, the fish is in his mouth... I don't know...

Hope everyone enjoyed my first post in almost 3 months!  Have a safe and happy summer!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Drew playing patty-cake with Daddy

Looking at the pretty daffodils

   So pretty!

I love this picture of him

Goofing around with Dad


   I got you Carter!

I got you back Drew!

Berkshire family pic

Drew and Mommy

Posing for the camera

He loves riding on Daddy's shoulders

So a few weeks ago, we went for a drive out to Wye Mountain to see the Daffodils.  Wye Mountain is about a 20 minute drive from West Little Rock.  Every year the church out there has the Daffodil festival, which we missed, but we still had fun.   Our next-door neighbors, the Smiths, and their little boy Carter went with us.  These are a few of our pics from the day.  I took a bunch more, but this post would literally be about a mile long if I posted them all!  These are a few of my favorite pics though.  Carter and Drew are about 2 months apart in age- Carter is older.  But they seemed to play well together!  Hope everyone enjoys the new pics!