Thursday, March 19, 2009

Whew! Long time no see!

Cousin Kai jumping on her new trampoline

Drew swinging in his new swing!

He loved his swing!

New swingset at Gigi & Poppy's house

Love it!

This was the day he found Molly & Buddy's food

He's so handsome!

Could he be any cuter?

You caught me!

Hmm... which one do I want to watch???

Little Red Corvette!

Hey there pretty lady... wanna ride??

Finger painting is so much fun!

Finger paint from head to toe!

This is too cool!

Look at those eyes!

Drew, you can't EAT the ball!

Playing in his room!

Once again, I have taken an unplanned "leave of absence" from my blogging...  I really don't know where all of my time goes, but I'm sure you other Mommies completely understand my problem!  Anywho, a lot has happened since my last blog-  I think I had mentioned the fact that Drew was walking, right?  Well, we're on to bigger and better things now!  Standing up, climbing the TV stand, following Mommy and Daddy wherever we go, and (0f course, its inevitable) falling down!  Yep, we've recently discovered the world of bumps and "boo boos", and let me tell you... it is NOT fun!  My poor little guy has suffered a handful of knots on his head.  But, he's definitely a trooper!  No trips to the ER yet (knock on wood), so we must be doing okay!  
I want to post some new pics of Drew before he wakes up from his mid-morning nap!  Hope everyone is doing great!